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About Me
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.
My husband Don and I are happily retired.  In Spring and Fall we like to travel in our 5th wheel.
Don has family out West and I have family in the East.  So we try to make trips to both areas  as much as we can.
We do most of our crafting in the Winter.  Don has his wood carving and I paint.
In the hot Summer weather we stay home in the air conditioning , do gardening and play cards with our friends.
Living in Illinois we are both avid Cubs and Bears fans.  Althou we get very disgusted with them, we still hang in there....eternal optimist.
We would love to hear from anyone with the same interests.  Just drop us an e-mail.

I have always been drawn to the arts, but never actually tried to do any.
In 1980 I had a chance to take some Oil painting classes. I've been hooked ever since, but on Acrylics instead of the Oil.
The last few years I've been painting on just about any surface that didn't run away.
Rocks, Feathers, Glass, and  miniature paintings on Spoons, which I find is my favorite thing to paint on.
I hope you've enjoyed visiting my web site and will come back to see us again.